Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses

Any undergraduate student who is interested in enrolling in a Graduate-level Math course, must complete the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form, with the exception of students accepted to the BA/MA Mathematics Program. 

If you have been accepted to the BA/MA Mathematics Program, please do not complete this form. Instead, please contact Graduate Math, grad_math@nyu.edu, with your graduate course requests.

Carefully read the following information and policies before submitting the form.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to qualify for enrollment in any graduate level math course, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Undergraduate Math Major or related field who is an NYU Washington Square Student
  2. Successful completion of MATH-UA 325 Analysis / MATH-UA 328 Honors Analysis I with a grade of A- or higher
  3. Math Major GPA of 3.65 or higher

(You can find your major GPA in the Academic Requirements Report in your Albert Student Center drop down menu. The major GPA will be located at the bottom of the Math Major Requirements section.)

Students who do not meet the above requirements and would like to petition to enroll in a graduate course should still complete the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form, and must complete the "Special Permission Request" box at the end of the form.

Graduate Course Enrollment Policies

  • Students may enroll in a maximum of two graduate courses per semester. You can submit one course request per form. If you would like to request enrollment in two courses, please submit the form twice, once for each course. Do not submit the form twice for the same course.
  • Undergraduate students are not allowed to enroll in MATH-GA Advanced Topics courses unless given special permission
  • MATH-GA courses do not count towards the Restricted/Advanced Electives portion of the Math Major
  • Honors Math Majors cannot count MATH-GA courses towards the four required honors level courses. The four honors level courses must be MATH-UA Honors courses.
  • DS-GA courses do not count towards the Joint Mathematics & Computer Science and the Joint Mathematics & Economics majors.
  • Registration requests will be reviewed by the Math Department and Vice Chair Matthew Leingang
  • You will receive a follow-up email within two weeks of completing the form. Please wait until you receive your follow-up email before asking any questions regarding your request(s).
  • During registration time, students are advised to enroll in undergraduate course selections first, which can later be swapped for graduate math course requests if approved.

Graduate Course Options and Prerequisites

A complete list of graduate math courses available to undergraduate students and their prerequisites is available below:

Prerequisites listed are in addition to the above requirements. If you would like to petition to enroll in a course that is not listed, you can do so by choosing the "Other" course option on the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form.

To help you with your selection, descriptions of graduate math courses and current graduate course offerings are available online:

Additional Information

Any questions regarding the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form, or the process of requesting graduate math course enrollment, should be directed to the Program Administrator, Dana Jaggi, at djaggi@cims.nyu.edu or the Manager of Academic Affairs, Beth Markowitz, at beth@cims.nyu.edu.

Enrollment Request Form

Click here to complete the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form
* Please note that you must be logged into your NYU email account in order to access the form