FAQ for Fall 2020: Covid-19

For Masters Students

1. What are the department’s plans regarding graduate courses for the Fall of 2020?

The following is a summary of the key objectives of the Math Department's course planning for Masters classes during the Fall 2020:


1. All of the regular courses will be offered in the Fall and will be accessible remotely in asynchronous mode, regardless of their actual delivery mode.


2. Incoming MS students who cannot start the semester in person will be able to attend their lectures remotely in real time, in addition to having asynchronous remote access (recorded lectures). The scheduling of these classes is being adjusted to accommodate different time zones. In particular, introductory MS courses will be offered in "remote-only" mode, in the evening, to accommodate both local MS students with day time job commitments and MS students based in East Asia. These are:

- Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I

- Linear Algebra I

- Complex Variables I

- Real-Variables I (shared with the PhD program)


3. Returning MS students who will be in NY will be able to take some classes in-person. In particular, the graduate courses which are primarily for the PhD program but attended by both MS and PhD students will be offered in "blended" mode where local students will be able to attend in-person (possibly in rotation) and all students will have access to remote instruction, whether in real-time or asynchronously. As information on student registration, faculty constraints, and safety guidelines change, some of these courses may be switched to "remote-only" mode later this summer.

2. What are the department’s plans regarding graduate courses for 2021?

The above course planning is for Fall only. The Department plans to offer all of its regular masters courses in the Spring term as well, subject to guidelines to be announced. In addition, we expect to offer some introductory MS courses in Summer 2021, such as Linear Algebra I/II, Basic Probability, and Stochastic Calculus.