Undergraduate Admissions

Standard Undergraduate Admissions

Information on standard undergraduate admissions can be found on the NYU website, here.

Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer to New York University and major in mathematics should apply for transfer admission.

Transfer students who have taken mathematics courses at other colleges, should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as soon as possible to determine proper placement. They should bring copies of their transcripts along with catalog descriptions of all mathematics courses taken elsewhere. Transfer courses that are to be counted toward major or optional minor requirements must be approved by the department.

To graduate with a major in mathematics, transfer students must complete at least 13 eligible mathematics courses, each with grade of C or better. At least half the courses comprising the major must be taken in the College of Arts and Science during two or more semesters. For the minor in mathematics, at least half of the required mathematics courses must be taken in the College of Arts and Science, and cannot be applied towards major or minor requirements in other departments.

Summer Admissions

Information on admissions for NYU summer sessions can be found here.

Visiting Students

Students interested in taking courses as NYU as a visiting student can find information here.

Post Graduate Studies

Post Graduate Studies

Precollege Students

NYU offers many different programs for high school students interested in studying at our New York campus. Most programs are offered during the summer, but there are options for weekend workshops during the fall and spring. More information is available here.