Admission Policies

Application Procedure

The Graduate School of Arts and Science requires all applicants for degree programs to apply on-line. For further information, please go to the GSAS admissions web site to apply on-line. The GSAS web site also has instructions and links to the most frequently asked questions and verification about receipt of applications.

The rules and regulations governing admissions to NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science must be met by all applicants seeking admission to graduate study in mathematics.

  • All applicants must have an accredited baccalaureate degree or its equivalent. Applicants in their last semester of undergraduate study must graduate before they begin their graduate work at NYU.
  • An official transcript from all previously attended institutions (undergraduate, graduate, and continuing educational programs) must be uploaded using the online application system.
  • A student must provide three letters of recommendation (except non-degree). It is strongly recommended that at least two of these letters be from faculty with whom the applicant took a mathematics or other science course. Letters must be submitted using the online application system.
  • Submission of GRE scores is optional. The department views GRE scores, both the general and the subject test (in particular the Mathematics Subject Test) scores, as useful information; however, applications which do not include these scores will not be at a disadvantage: more weight will be placed on the other elements of such applications.
  • Either the TOEFL or the IELTS is required of all applicants who are not native English speakers or who do not have a bachelor's or master's degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English. See test score requirements.
  • When submitting test scores, applicants should list code 2596 (for the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science) when asking the Educational Testing Service to forward official GRE and TOEFL scores. The departmental code for the GRE is 0703; for the TOEFL it is 72. For the IELTS, applicants should contact the test center directly and request that the test scores be sent electronically to New York University, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York, NY (an institutional code is not required).


Application Deadlines

The following application deadlines apply for both American and foreign students:

  • Admission to the Ph.D. program - January 4


Degree Programs

The following Ph.D.-level programs are offered by the Department of Mathematics:

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Ph.D. in Ocean-Atmosphere Science and Mathematics


Admission Criteria

Admission decisions are based on a careful review of the applicant's previous academic record, letters of recommendation, TOEFL (if applicable) and GRE scores, as well as other credentials, such as work experience or previous research projects. In the evaluation of applications, applicants should note the following:

  • Students with B.A./B.S. degrees may apply directly to the Ph.D. program.
  • The Department accepts Ph.D. applications only for full-time study.
  • Students applying for the Ph.D. program can indicate in their application if they would like to be considered for the M.S. program if they are not admitted to the Ph.D. program.


Undergraduate Background

All applicants must have earned (or be about to complete) a B.A. or B.S. or the equivalent. They must have taken three semesters of college-level calculus, including one semester of advanced calculus or linear algebra or the equivalent. Students who do not have the advanced calculus course may be required to take the course MATH-GA 1002 Multivariable Analysis.

As previously emphasized, these are the very minimum requirements; additional undergraduate coursework in mathematics is desirable. Courses in analysis, linear algebra, complex variables, partial and ordinary differential equations, and probability theory are especially helpful.