Instructor Resources

The mathematics department teaches more students than nearly any other department in the university. This page is for people assigned to teach as instructors of record.


Course pages

Each undergraduate and graduate course in Arts and Sciences has its own web page. The page includes the course’s description, prerequisites, a generic syllabus and/or historical syllabi, and a list of faculty who have recently taught the course.  The course pages can be found by accessing the undergraduate and graduate course descriptions pages.


Internal site and shared Google Drive

The department’s clinical faculty maintain an internal website called “Math Instructor Resources” to share advice and documentation for teaching. There is a companion shared Google Drive with the same name.

Access to both is controlled by an NYU Google group called “NYU Mathematics Instructor Resources.” If you are teaching a course and do not already belong to this group, simply request access to the site or drive. Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be added manually. We can add you even if you do not have an NYU or CIMS account yet.


People to contact

Whether you’re teaching an undergraduate course in Arts & Sciences, an undergraduate course in Mathematics for Engineering, a Master’s-level graduate course, or a core PhD course, there are a number of faculty and staff available to advise you.


Course Coordinators

The multi-sectioned introductory courses (calculus, mathematics for economics, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics) are coordinated by a member of the clinical faculty. Some of these courses have a common final exam as well.

If you are teaching a section in a coordinated course, you will be contacted by your course coordinator before the term begins. Your course team will be in regular communication throughout the entire semester until the exam is graded and final grades are submitted.


Faculty Leadership

At the introductory level, both Arts and Science and Mathematics for Engineering have a Vice chair for Undergraduate Affairs. For the advanced undergraduate courses, reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Each graduate program (Master’s, PhD, Scientific Computing, Mathematics for Finance) has a corresponding Director of Graduate Studies as well.

Visit the Departmental Leadership page to find the names and contact information of these people in your course’s program.



Each program has an Assistant Director and Program Assistant, too. These staffers interface with faculty, leadership, and students, to maintain standards and policies and implement the academic program. Visit the Staff pages to find them.

If you have a question related to teaching your course and are still unsure who to ask, contact Sue Taylor, Director of Administration for the department, and she will point you in the right direction.


Center for Faculty Advancement

The NYU Center for Faculty Advancement is the university’s central forum for faculty resources. They sponsor many programs in teaching and learning, including consultations, observations, workshops and symposia.