MATH-GA.2049-001 Alternative Data In Quantitative Finance (2nd Half Of Semester)

1.5 points

Course Description

This half-semester elective course examines techniques dealing with the challenges of the alternative data ecosystem in quantitative and fundamental investment processes. We will address the quantitative tools and technique for alternative data including identifier mapping, stable panel creation, dataset evaluation and sensitive information extraction. We will go through the quantitative process of transferring raw data into investment data and tradable signals using text mining, time series analysis and machine learning. It is important that students taking this course have working experience with Python Stack. We will analyze real-world datasets and model them in Python using techniques from statistics, quantitative finance and machine learning. 


Risk and Portfolio Management; and Computing in Finance. In addition, students should have a working knowledge of statistics, finance, and basic machine learning. Students should have working experience with the Python stack (numpy/pandas/scikit-learn).

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