Transfer Credits for Current NYU Students

If you are a student transferring to NYU, please read our page for Transfer Students instead.

Current NYU students may transfer up to 8 credits from outside institutions, pending school and departmental approval. This page explains the math department’s guidelines for evaluating those courses.

Course Content

The course must be offered by the transfer school’s mathematics department. If a school has a separate computer science or statistics department, courses offered by those departments will not be considered for MATH-UA transfer credit.

The content of the transfer course must be equivalent to a course the department offers. If the course titles are similar, chances are the content is comparable. Here are some important examples and exceptions:

  • The department does not offer courses comparable to “College Algebra” or “Elementary Statistics.”
  • Courses titled “Business Calculus” or “Applications of Calculus” are also generally not equivalent to our calculus sequence. If a university offers several streams of calculus, NYU’s is most likely equivalent to the most rigorous non-honors stream.
  • Our Mathematics for Economics sequence was specially developed at NYU through a collaboration with the Department of Economics, and almost no university offers a similar sequence.
  • Any external course covering topics from both linear algebra and ordinary differential equations may only be evaluated for equivalence to MATH-UA 140 Linear Algebra, not MATH-UA 262 Ordinary Differential Equations.

These NYU math courses are eligible for transfer credit by current NYU students:

  • MATH-UA 120 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH-UA 121 Calculus I
  • MATH-UA 122 Calculus II
  • MATH-UA 123 Calculus III
  • MATH-UA 131 Mathematics for Economics I
  • MATH-UA 132 Mathematics for Economics II
  • MATH-UA 133 Math for Economics III
  • MATH-UA 140 Linear Algebra

Current NYU students must complete the Analysis requirement and all advanced electives at NYU CAS. These requirements may not be fulfilled with transfer credit.

Course Instruction and Assessment

The transfer course must be taught and assessed in a manner similar to our equivalent course. If the transfer course meets online, it must be fully synchronous and include approximately 2800 minutes of instructional time. All exams must be held in person or take place in a live-proctored virtual setting. Self-paced courses based on pre-produced lecture videos and asynchronous exams will not qualify for MATH-UA transfer credit.

For more information

For all matters concerning undergraduate advisement in mathematics, students should contact one of our advisement team.

Students whose last (family) name begins with letters A–M should contact Adam Staszczuk, Assistant Director, Academic Affairs, at

Students whose last (family) name begins with letters N–Z, should contact Jackie Tucciarone, Program Administrator, at

More information and links to useful resources can be found on our Advisement page.

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