MATH-GA.2751-001 Risk & Portfolio Management

3 points

Course Description

Risk management is arguably one of the most important tools for managing investment portfolios and trading books and quantifying the effects of leverage and diversification (or lack thereof).

This course is an introduction to portfolio and risk management techniques for portfolios of (i) equities, delta-1 securities, and futures and (ii) basic fixed income securities.

A systematic approach to the subject is adopted, based on selection of risk factors, econometric analysis, extreme-value theory for tail estimation, correlation analysis, and copulas to estimate joint factor distributions. We will cover the construction of risk measures (e.g. VaR and Expected Shortfall) and portfolios (e.g. portfolio optimization and risk). As part of the course, we review current risk models and practices used by large financial institutions.

It is important that students taking this course have good working knowledge of multivariate calculus, linear algebra and calculus-based probability.


Multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and calculus-based probability.

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