MATH-GA.2805-001 Trends In Sell-Side Modeling: Xva, Capital And Credit Derivatives

3 points

Course Description

This class explores technical and regulatory aspects of counterparty credit risk, with an emphasis on model building and computational methods. The first part of the class will provide technical foundation, including the mathematical tools needed to define and compute valuation adjustments such as CVA and DVA. The second part of the class will move from pricing to regulation, with an emphasis on the computational aspects of regulatory credit risk capital under Basel 3. A variety of highly topical subjects will be discussed during the course, including: funding costs, XVA metrics, initial margin, credit risk mitigation, central clearing, and balance sheet management. Students will get to build a realistic computer system for counterparty risk management of collateralized fixed income portfolios, and will be exposed to modern frameworks for interest rate simulation and capital management.


Advanced Risk Management; Financial Securities and Markets, or equivalent familiarity with market and credit risk models; and Computing in Finance, or equivalent programming experience.

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