MATH-UA 120 Discrete Mathematics

4 points. Fall and Spring terms.

Course Description

This course is a one-semester introduction to discrete mathematics with an emphasis on the understanding, composition and critiquing of mathematical proofs. At the semester's conclusion, the successful student will be able to:

  • write clear mathematical statements using standard notation and terminology.
  • understand and execute a variety of proof techniques (contradiction, induction, etc.).
  • show fluency in the language of basic set theory and Boolean logic.
  • understand the basic theorems and their implications in a variety of (discrete) fields including:
    • function theory
    • group theory
    • number theory
    • graph theory


  1. MATH-UA 121 Calculus I with grade of C or higher OR
  2. MATH-UA 211 Math for Economics I with grade of C or higher OR
  3. equivalent. Refer to the Calculus information page.

Sample Syllabi

Discrete mathematics is not coordinated in the same sense as other multi-section courses with a common final exam (e.g., calculus). As such the instructor has final discretion in topics chosen and course policies. Below are syllabi from recent implementations.