MATH-UA 256 Computers In Medicine And Biology

4 points. Offered in the spring. Identical to BIOL-UA 256.

Course Description

Introduces students to the use of computer simulation as a tool for investigating biological phenomena. The course requirement is to construct three computer models during the semester, to report on results to the class, and to hand in a writeup describing each project. These projects can be done individually, or as part of a team. Topics discussed in class are the circulation of the blood, gas exchange in the lung, electrophysiology of neurons and neural networks, the renal countercurrent mechanism, cross-bridge dynamics in muscle, and the dynamics of epidemic and endemic diseases. Projects are normally chosen from this list, but may be chosen otherwise by students with other interests.


MATH-UA 255 Mathematics in Medicine and Biology, or permission of the instructor. Familiarity with a programming language is recommended. The language used in the course will be MATLAB, but prior experience with MATLAB is not required.

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