Lai-​Sang Young Awarded the 2023 Heinz Hopf Prize

Every two years, ETH Zurich awards the Heinz Hopf Prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of pure mathematics. This year's honoree is Professor Lai-​Sang Young. A member of Courant's faculty since 1999, Professor Young is recognized for her contributions as a versatile dynamicist. She is currently working towards a mathematical model of the brain, and in particular on a biologically realistic computational model of the visual cortex, with the aim of gaining insight into human vision through the lens of mathematics.

The prize honors the memory of Professor Heinz Hopf, who taught at ETH Zurich from 1931-1965 and made important contributions to various fields of mathematics. The prize is awarded every two years on the occasion of the Heinz Hopf Lectures, which are delivered by the laureates.The 2023 Heinz Hopf Symposium took place in Switzerland this week; Professor Young spoke on "What happens when oscillators are disturbed?" and "Typical trajectories and observable events in deterministic and random dynamical systems."

You can find more information on the conference, the prize, and Professor Young's significant achievements here.