Math Major Transfer Students

Welcome to the NYU Mathematics Department! You will find all of the information you need to help get you started in a Math Major at NYU below:

Calculus Placement

If you are new to mathematics and are not sure where to begin your coursework, please refer to our Calculus Placement Information website. This website will help guide you into the appropriate calculus course. If needed, you can register for one of our Calculus Placement Exams.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Once you are a student at NYU, an initial Transfer Credit Report will be generated and can be accessed via NYU Albert, our electronic student system. All transfer credits will be listed as tentative until your final High School and College transcripts are received by NYU.

Initially, all math courses will be equated to either CORE-UA credit or ELECTIVE CREDIT. In order to get MATH-UA course credit, the Mathematics Department must determine if the course(s) you took at your previous institution(s) are equivalent to our courses here at NYU. To check your transfer course equivalencies, please contact the Manager of Academic Affairs, Beth Markowitz at

Our advisors will check to see if we have already reviewed your course(s) before, and will be able to let you know if they are equivalent. If we have not previously reviewed your course(s), the advisor will ask you for a copy of the course syllabus(es) which must show a list of textbooks used and a weekly breakdown of topics covered. They will then have math faculty review your syllabus(es) for equivalency, and will be able to let you know if you will receive MATH-UA course credit. For any other transfer courses, you should reach out to the corresponding departments for them to review.

Transfer Courses: Major Credit

Only half of a major can be completed with transfer course credits, the remainder of the courses must be taken at NYU. For the Math Major which requires 13 courses, only 6 courses can be completed with transfer credit. For the Joint Math and Economics Major which requires 9 math courses, only 4 courses can be completed with transfer credit. For the Joint Math and Computer Science Major which requires 10 math courses, only 5 courses can be completed with transfer credit.

If you happen to have more than half of the major credits equivalent from transfer courses, you will still be able to use them for placement/prerequisite purposes and possibly towards your 128 graduation credits, but they will not be able to count towards your major requirements.

Major Requirements

For a complete list of all Math Major Requirements, Guidelines, and Math Major Checklists, please visit our Major and Minor Requirements website.

If you are interested in our Math Major Honors Program, please visit our Honors Program website.

Math Advising

For all matters concerning undergraduate advisement in Mathematics, please contact the Manager of Academic Affairs, Beth Markowitz at

All Math Major Transfer Students will receive an assigned Math Faculty Advisor a few weeks before registering for their second semester at NYU.

More information and links to useful resources can be found on our Advisement website.

Activities & Research

The Mathematics Department offers students many opportunities to get involved with math outside of the classroom. These opportunities include the Math Major Peer Mentor Program, the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, Math Competitions, The Math Society, and the Association for Women in Mathematics. Information on all of these great opportunities, and others, can be found on our Activities & Research website. We encourage all transfer students to get involved!


For more Transfer Student information, please visit the CAS New Students website.