DEI Reading Group

This reading group is a biweekly discussion among graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at Courant to educate ourselves on issues about diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. These are relatively informal discussions that focus on a particular topic in DEI with an accompanying reference (typically a short article, research paper, or video lecture) that is read/watched by participants prior to the meeting. Each meeting, a new volunteer discussion facilitator chooses a topic and accompanying reference(s).

While everyone is encouraged to attend, please note that this is a safe space intended for education about topics in DEI and the sharing of personal experiences, not a space for debate or contentious discussion. Please go through this code of conduct and follow it during meetings; a faculty coordinator will be present at the meetings to ensure an inclusive, safe, and confidential space is maintained.

Meetings are held every other Friday in WWH 1314 from 1PM - 2PM, beginning on 9/23.

The schedule for the upcoming semester is as follows:

Date Topic Reference(s) Discussion Leader(s) Email Address(es)
9/23/22 Gendered effects of parenthood in academia (1) Primary reference
(2) Autobiographical perspective
Olivia Pomerenk
10/7/22 Stereotype Threat (1) Primary reference
(2) Descriptions of phenomena in primary reference
(3) Recommendations to mitigate stereotype threat
Marguerite Brown
10/21/22 Queer mathematicians: creating better mathematics through inclusive practices

(1) Primary reference

(2) Primary reference pt. 2

(3) Related relevant article

Luke Peilen
11/4/22 Trans identity and pronouns in academia

(1) Chapter 14: Microfoundations of Trans Academics' Experiences

(2) Pages 138-139 and 146-149 of Chapter 10: Higher Educational Experiences of Trans Binary and Nonbinary Graduate Students

Book linked here.

Mariya Savinov
Aurora Basinski
11/18/22 What does DEI look like at the graduate level?

(1) Primary reference

(2) Secondary reference

(3) Third reference 

Claire Valva
12/2/2022 Racial politics of math education in the US References available upon request. Paul Beckman 
12/16/2022 Summary of semester and discussion on what to do next semester N/A N/A N/A


If you are interested in attending or facilitating a discussion, please contact one of the seminar organizers:

  • Olivia Pomerenk, op554 [at] nyu [dot] edu

  • Mariya Savinov, mas10009 [at] nyu [dot] edu

Faculty facilitators: Shafer Smith, Laure Zanna, Georg Stadler, Esteban Tabak.

Past meeting topics and accompanying references:
Topic Reference(s)
White mentors in academia here
Improving underrepresented minority student persistence in STEM here
Queer identity in math here
Ableism in math here
Rehumanizing math here
Coping methods for doctoral students here
Racism in mathematics teaching here and here
The evolving status of women in STEM here
Queer and transgender graduate student experiences here


Organizer(s): Olivia Pomerenk, Mariya Savinov