MATH-GA.2793-001 Dynamic Asset Pricing (2nd Half Of Semester)

1.5 points

Course Description

This is an advanced course on asset pricing and trading of derivative securities. Using tools and techniques from stochastic calculus, we cover (1) Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing; (2) the martingale approach to arbitrage pricing; (3) incomplete markets; and (4) the general option pricing formula using the change of numeraire technique. As an important example of incomplete markets, we discuss bond markets, interest rates and basic term-structure models such as Vasicek and Hull-White. It is important that students taking this course have good working knowledge of calculus-based probability and stochastic calculus. Students should also have taken the course “Financial Securities and Markets” previously. In addition, we recommend an intermediate course on mathematical statistics or engineering statistics as an optional prerequisite for this class.


Calculus-based probability, Stochastic Calculus, and a one semester course on derivative pricing (such as what is covered in Financial Securities and Markets).

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