MATH-UA 148 Honors Linear Algebra

4 points. Offered in the fall and spring.

Course Description

This honors section of Linear Algebra is intended for well-prepared students who have already developed some mathematical maturity. Its scope will include the usual Linear Algebra (MATH-UA 140) syllabus; however this class will move faster, covering additional topics and going deeper. Vector spaces, linear dependence, basis and dimension, matrices, determinants, solving linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, quadratic forms, applications such as optimization or linear regression.


One of the following:

  • SAT score of 670 or higher on mathematics portionĀ March 2016 and later
  • SAT score of 650 or higher on mathematics portionĀ before March 2016
  • ACT/ACTE Math score of 30 or higher
  • AB score of 3 or higher
  • BC score of 3 or higher
  • A level Maths score of C or higher (anyone who took Further Maths should contact the math department as it varies depending on the exam board)
  • AS level Maths score of B or higher
  • IB HL score of 5 or higher
  • IB SL score of 6 or higher
  • Completion of Algebra and Calculus (MATH-UA 009) with a grade of A- or higher
  • Passing placement exam into Calculus I or Math for Economics I (MATH-UA 121 or 211)

Course Syllabi or Websites by Semester