Tandon Mathematics Honors Program 

The Tandon Mathematics Honors program is designed for students with a strong commitment to mathematics, and is recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate study. The program features a minimum of four honors level courses and an Honors Math Project research component. Students in either the Mathematics Major or Mathematics & Physics Joint Major are welcome to apply. If approved, students will be reviewed for meeting honors requirements upon applying for graduation, and the honors designation will appear on the student's Final Transcript post graduation.

In order to participate in the Mathematics Honors Program and graduate with Departmental Honors, students must:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.65 or above in all mathematics courses
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or above
  3. Obtain Department Approval. Applications to the Tandon Mathematics Honors Program may be submitted after completing your first year of enrollment at NYU, and before applying for graduation, here.
  4. Of the courses required for the Mathematics Major, Honors Program participants must take at least four advanced honors level courses from the list below:
    • MA-UY 3514 Honors Probability (not open to math & physics majors)
    • MA-UY 4054 Honors Algebra I
    • MA-UY 4064 Honors Algebra II
    • MA-UY 4254 Honors Ordinary Differential Equations (not open to math & physics majors)
    • MA-UY 4524 Honors Numerical Analysis
    • MA-UY 4644 Honors Analysis I
    • MA-UY 4654 Honors Analysis II
    • MA-UY 4814 Honors I
    • MA-UY 4824 Honors II
    • MA-UY 4834 Honors III
    • MA-UY 4844 Honors IV
      * Please note that MA-UY 2514 Honors Calculus III and MA-UY 3054 Honors Linear Algebra do not count towards the four advanced honors level courses requirement, but are recommended in addition to the above requirements.
  1. Complete an Honors Math Project. It is the responsibility of the student to apply to and secure a project to be completed before graduation. The Honors Math Project can be satisfied by completing one of the following options:
    1. Participation in the Tandon Undergraduate Summer Research Program (UGSRP) in mathematics.
    2. Participation in the Courant Mathematics Summer Undergraduate Research Experience(S.U.R.E.) program under individual faculty supervision. Students who participate in this program are required to present their research at Courant's undergraduate research forum in the fall semester of their senior year. Students who participate in S.U.R.E. receive financial support for the summer.
    3. Participation in the AM-SURE program. This program is for students interested in applied mathematics and will pay a competitive salary. For more information, please visit the AM-SURE website.
    4. Completion of a minimum of 4 credits of MA-UY 492x Independent Study specifically approved to count for the Honors Project requirement by the Department. The independent study may be taken over the course of two semesters. This will result in a final paper that encompasses your work, with a recommended minimum length of 15 pages.

If you have questions about this program, please contact the Math Department at soe.math@nyu.edu.