Tandon Math Policies


Special Accommodations

Code of Conduct

You are expected to know and follow the Tandon Community Standards and Procedures, regarding:

  • Academic integrity, as spelled out in the Student Code of Conduct
  • Absence Notification
  • Religious Observance Notification


Exam Policy

  • Making up an exam:
    • Students will be allowed a maximum of 1 make-up exam throughout the entire semester for an excused reason listed below. There will be no remote makeup exams: All make-up exams must be taken in-person (unless NYU universally goes remote) and may be conducted in a format different from the in-class exam, such as an oral exam. All makeup exams must be taken within one week of the original exam date.
    • If you miss an exam for a medical, religious, or family emergency reason, you must contact the Math Department at soe.math@nyu.edu in order to request a make-up exam within 2 days of the missed exam. Makeups will not be granted to students who do not notify the Math Department in a timely manner. For medical, religious, or family emergency reasons, in order to qualify for a makeup exam, you would need to be approved for an excused absence for the date of the exam by Tandon Student Affairs. You can request for an absence to be excused by completing the form here.
    • You may request permission for an out-of-sequence exam or final, if you are giving an official presentation or organizing an official session at a suitable out-of-town ACADEMIC conference that directly conflicts with the time of the exam. If you wish to do so, please send an email to soe.math@nyu.edu BEFORE you finalize your travel plans. Permission is not guaranteed. In particular, no accommodation will be made at all for non-academic conferences or for students going to a conference only as an attendee.
    • We cannot accommodate out-of-sequence exams, quizzes, and finals for reasons of convenient travel, even if you have already purchased tickets. Please note carefully the date of your exams and final and plan your travel schedule accordingly.
    • If you are a student athlete who has an exam conflict for reasons other than practice, please email a letter from NYU Athletics to soe.math@nyu.edu to request a make-up exam at least three days prior to the date of the exam.
  • Time and place:
    You are responsible for knowing when and where an exam is being held. You will not receive any special consideration for being late or missing an exam by mistake.
  • Identification:
    You are required to bring your NYU ID to the exam. If for any reason you are unable to do so, please bring another photo ID, such as a driver's license.
  • Before the Exam:
    You must wait outside the exam room before the start of an exam. You must sit only in a seat where there is an exam for your course. You are NOT allowed to move the exam to a different seat.
  • Scratch paper:
    You are not allowed to bring any paper of your own. Please use the back pages on the exam as scratch paper.
  • Cell Phone & Smart Device Policy:
    No cell phones, iPads, smart watches, or other devices that can communicate with the internet or with others may be used. Any such equipment found with the power on may be interpreted as cheating.
  • Calculator policy:
    • The only calculators permitted in exams are the following TI30 models: TI30Xa, TI30X IIS or IIB, TI30 MultiView XS or XB.
    • More powerful calculators are not allowed, including the following TI30 models: TI30X Pro, TI36X Pro MultiView.
    • During an exam you are not allowed to borrow from or lend a calculator to another student. Borrowing or lending a calculator will be considered cheating.
  • Formula sheets:
    No formula sheets are allowed. All needed formulas will be provided on the exam itself.
  • Neatness and legibility:
    You are expected to write neatly and legibly on your exam. Your final answer must be clearly identified (by placing a box around it). Points will be deducted, if the grader has difficulty reading or finding your answer.
  • Regrading:
    If you believe that one or more problems on your exam paper were incorrectly graded or that the exam score was calculated incorrectly, please contact your course instructor directly within one week of the received graded exam.


Homework Extension Policy

An extension of a homework due date will be granted only for one of the following reasons:

  • A documented medical excuse
  • University-sponsored event such as an athletic tournament, a play, or a musical performance. Rehearsals and athletic practices do not qualify.
  • A religious holiday
  • Extreme hardship such as a family emergency


Taking Math Courses Outside of NYU Tandon Policy

Tandon Policy on Transfer Credits While in Residence:
Undergraduates at NYU Tandon School of Engineering are expected to complete all coursework at the School. Exceptions are rare and only made in cases where NYU Tandon School of Engineering does not offer courses integral to the attainment of students’ academic goals.

To obtain credit for courses taken elsewhere while enrolled at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, students must obtain written permission from the major academic adviser, the department of the course for which transfer credit is requested and the Office of Academic Affairs. This must be done before registering for the course at another institution. Forms for such permission are available on the Registrar’s website.

The following requirements apply to all courses taken outside of NYU:

  • The outside institution must be accredited.
  • Grades earned must be C or better for undergraduate courses.
  • Pass/fail courses are not acceptable under any conditions.
  • Only credits are granted; grades are omitted in computing cumulative or current semester GPAs.

Math Department Policy on Transfer Credits While in Residence:
In addition to the above listed Tandon policies, the Math Department has the following policies for students requesting to take MA-UY Courses outside of Tandon:

  • Once a student at NYU Tandon, the following courses are the only eligible courses to be taken at another institution for transfer credit. All other advanced MA-UY courses must be taken at NYU Tandon.
    MA-UY 1024 Calculus I for Engineers
    MA-UY 1124 Calculus II for Engineers
    MA-UY 2314 Discrete Mathematics
  • The course must be taken in-person at a 4-year institution. Online courses and/or courses offered at a 2-year college will not be accepted.

Students who believe they satisfy both of the Tandon and Math Department policies for taking a course outside of Tandon can send a full syllabus (showing the textbook used and a weekly breakdown of topics covered) to soe.math@nyu.edu for review. If approved, the student will be asked to complete the Permission to Complete Courses Outside of Tandon Form.