Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses

We encourage undergraduate students with demonstrated excellence in rigorous math courses, and a passion for further study in a specific subject, to apply for permission to enroll in graduate courses.

Students accepted into the Tandon BS/MS Program for mathematics should contact the math department (soe.math@nyu.edu) with their graduate course requests. 

Students interested in taking a MA-GY graduate level Tandon course should NOT complete the form below. Instead, please email your enrollment request to soe.math@nyu.edu after carefully reading the following information.

Students interested in taking a MATH-GA graduate level GSAS course should complete the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form, linked below, after carefully reading the following information.

Eligibility to request enrollment in all graduate courses:

In order to qualify for enrollment in any graduate level math course, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Enrolled at NYU Tandon at the time the course is offered
  2. Pursuing a major degree program in or jointly in mathematics
  3. Completion of MA-UY 4614 Applied Analysis with a grade of A, or MA-UY 4644 Honors Analysis I with a grade of A- or higher
  4. Maintaining a math major GPA of 3.65 or higher
  5. Minimum level of junior year standing at the time the course is offered

Procedures for requesting permission and enrollment in a MATH-GA course:

  • Students should submit the request form once for each course request.
  • While waiting for the request(s) to be evaluated, students are advised to enroll in undergraduate course selection(s) first, which can later be swapped for any approved graduate courses.
  • Requests will be evaluated by the Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs.
  • Students will receive a follow-up email within ten (10) university business days (normally two weeks) of completing the form. After this time, students may follow up by email to soe.math@nyu.edu if they have not heard from the department regarding their request.

General course enrollment policies:

  • Students are typically granted permission to enroll in one graduate course in their first semester of receiving permission, and a maximum of two graduate courses in subsequent semesters.
  • MATH-GA & MA-GY courses do not count towards the four required honors level courses of the honors math program. The four honors level courses must be MA-UY Honors courses.
  • This process should not be seen as a “back door” to a master’s program.  Students interested in completing a large number of graduate courses should apply for the Tandon BS/MS Program.
  • All math graduate courses carry 3 credits, while undergraduate courses carry 4.  Undergraduates taking graduate courses should consult with their advisor on how the graduate course(s) would count towards their degree. 

Specific course policies and prerequisites:

  • “Core” master’s courses such as MATH-GA 1410–20 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I–II, MATH-GA 2110 Linear Algebra I, MATH-GA 2050 Elements of Discrete Mathematics, etc., are generally not permitted for undergraduates.
  • Advanced Ph.D. courses designated as “Advanced Topics” are generally not permitted for undergraduates.
  • The number of seats available to undergraduates in a specific graduate course may be limited.  Permissions are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Certain courses require additional permission from faculty instructors or the department.
  • Students should not seek permission from faculty instructors to override an unfavorable decision from the department.

A complete list of graduate math courses available to undergraduate students and their prerequisites is available below:

Prerequisites listed are in addition to the general eligibility requirements, and are satisfied by course work or experience, not by undirected self-study. Students who would like to petition to enroll in a MATH-GA course that is not listed can do so by choosing the "Other" course option on the request form.

Descriptions of graduate math courses and current graduate course offerings are available online:

Additional Information:

Any questions regarding the Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form, or the process of requesting graduate math course enrollment, should be directed to the Math Department at soe.math@nyu.edu.

Enrollment Request Form:

Click here to complete the MATH-GA Graduate Math Course Registration Request Form

* Please note that you must be logged into your NYU email account in order to access the form