Transfer Students

Welcome to the NYU Courant Department of Mathematics for Engineering! Below you will find all of the information you need to help get you started in math at NYU Tandon:

Please Note: All important information for new Tandon Transfer Students can be found on Tandon Transfer Student Central in NYU Classes.

Math Course Placement

If you are new to NYU Tandon and are not sure where to begin your coursework, please refer to our Math Diagnostic Exam page to see if you must take the exam.

Transfer students who do not qualify for exemption from the exam must take the exam before the start of their first semester at NYU. The sooner you take the exam, the sooner you will know your course placement and be able to enroll in your first math course!

Transfer Students who qualify for advanced placement via AP Calculus, A-Level Maths, or IB Math Exam scores, or who have taken calculus course(s) that have been evaluated and approved as equivalent for transfer credit, do NOT need to take the Math Diagnostic Exam. However, we strongly encourage you to review sample final exams for all courses listed below that you have been approved to receive transfer credit for:

If after review you find that you do not recall all of the topics covered, the Math Department recommends that you either:

  1. Go to the Math Tutoring & Resource Center to review the questions you found challenging before the start of your first semester at NYU
  2. Retake the course here at NYU

Please note that it is critical for engineering students to have a strong math background in order to do well in all mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering courses. If you do not feel confident in your math skills, it is better to take a course that will match your current skill level and set you on a path to do well at NYU than to continue with the course you would place into based on your transfer credits just because you can.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Once you have been accepted as a transfer student to NYU Tandon, you will soon be contacted by Michael Campbell to begin the Transfer Course Evaluation process. You will submit all course information to him via a spreadsheet he will provide, which will then be sent to each department for review.

Undergraduate transfer credit is not given for any course in which a grade less than C has been earned. In addition, students completing a course at NYU Tandon for which transfer credit already has been given automatically forfeit the transfer credit for that course.

For new first-year students admitted to NYU, it may be possible to transfer college courses taken while in high school. Credit may be awarded if the following criteria are met: 1) Received a grade of B or better; 2) NYU offers corresponding courses; 3) Courses were not used to satisfy high school graduation requirements.

For math course evaluations, it is required that we receive a complete syllabus that includes a list of textbooks used and a weekly breakdown of topics covered. We cannot evaluate any math course based off of just a course description. Once we have reviewed your course, a decision as to its equivalency will be listed in your transfer credit evaluation. Once your transfer credit evaluation is complete, or close to completed, Michael Campbell will email you and your advisor to let you know how your transfer courses will count towards your degree at NYU.

Transfer Courses: Math Major Credit and Residency Requirements

To satisfy residency requirements for the BS degree, NYU Tandon School of Engineering students must complete a minimum of 64 credits at Tandon in approved coursework. Departmental advisers will assist students in selecting courses required for degree completion. In addition, students must complete their final 32 credits at the University, unless approved for a special term abroad. In regards to minors, one-half of the coursework must be completed at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. All transfer credits are subject to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering's transfer credit policy and process.

Math Majors admitted Fall 2018 or later are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 62 credits towards the math major degree. This is because the math major degree is 126 credits, and students need to take 64 credits at NYU Tandon in order to meet the residency requirements. Of those 62 transfer credits, students are permitted to transfer a maximum of half of the required math courses and elective math courses. The other half of the math course requirements must be taken at NYU. For example, if the major requires 56 math credits (including required math courses and math electives), you are permitted to transfer a maximum of 28 credits of math coursework towards your degree at Tandon.

Major Requirements

For a complete list of all math major requirements and guidelines, please visit our Math Programs page.

Math Advising

For all matters concerning undergraduate advisement in mathematics, please contact us at

Activities & Research

The Mathematics Department offers students many opportunities to get involved with math outside of the classroom. These opportunities include Math Competitions, The Math Society, and the Association for Women in Mathematics. Information on all of these great opportunities, and others, can be found on our Activities & Research Opportunities pages. We encourage all transfer students to get involved!


For more Transfer Student information, please visit Tandon Transfer Student Central in NYU Classes.