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  Books Recently Published

  1.       (with S.N. Stechmann, S. Chen, H.R. Ogrosky, and S. Thual) Tropical Intraseasonal Variability and the Stochastic Skeleton Method in Springer, the SpringerBriefs in Mathematics of Planet Earth book sub series (Available 2019) ISBN 978-3-030-22247-5 Buy

  2.       Introduction to Turbulent Dynamical Systems in Complex Systems in Springer, Frontiers in Applied Dynamical Systems: Reviews and Tutorials (Available 2016) ISBN 978-3-319-32217-9 Buy

  3.       (with J. Harlim) Filtering Complex Turbulent Systems in Cambridge University Press, (Available May 2012) ISBN-13:9781107016668 Buy

  4.       (with X. Wang) Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Theories for Basic Geophysical Flows in Cambridge University Press, 2006 Buy

  5.       (with R. Abramov, M. Grote) Information theory and stochastics for multiscale nonlinear systems, CRM monograph series 25, American Mathematical Society, 2005 Buy  

  6.       Introduction to P.D.E.'s and Waves for the Atmosphere and Ocean: Courant Lecture Notes Vol. 9, American Mathematical Society & Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2002 Buy
  7.       (with A. Bertozzi) Vorticity and Incompressible Flows, Cambridge University Press, 2001 Buy  

  8.       Compressible Fluid Flow and Systems of Conservation Laws in Several Space Variables, Springer Appl. Math. Sci., #53, 1984 Buy  

Referenced Book Chapters

1.       "Real world turbulence and modern applied mathematics," In Mathematics: Frontiers and Perspectives 2000, International Mathematical Union, 2000, 137-151, published by American Math. Society (PDF)

2.       (with A. Bourlioux, B. Khouider) "A mathematical prototype for the validation of large eddy simulations strategies for turbulent flames, dans Turbulent Mixing and Combustion," Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium, Kluwer Academic Press, 2002, pp. 211-221

3.    (with S. Stechmann) "Multi-scale theories for the MJO," Book Chapter - Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate System, Springer Praxis Books, 2nd Edition, 2011 (PDF)

4.    "Climate Science, Waves and PDEs for the Tropics," Book Chapter - 2011 Abel Symposium Volume, 2011 (PDF)

5.    (with M. Branicki, Y. Frenkel) "Improving Complex Models Through Stochastic Parameterization and Information Theory," ECMWF-WCRP, Thorpex Workshop on Model Uncertainty, 2011 (PDF)

6.    (with S. Stechmann) "MJO-Skeleton and Conceptual Models," To appear in: Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science, 2nd Edition, 2012(PDF)

7.    (with B. Khouider) "Models for Multiscale Interactions I, A multicloud model parameterization ," AMS Monograph(PDF)

8.    (with S. Stechmann ) "Models for Multiscale Interactions II, Madden-Julian Oscilation, Moisture, and Convective Momentum Transport ," To appear in: AMS Monograph, 2013 (PDF)

9.    (with D. Giannakis) "Data-Driven methods for dynamical systems: Quantifying predictability and extracting spatiotemporal patterns" (PDF)

Papers Submitted or Accepted for Publication

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  1. (with M. N. J. Moore, C. T. Bolles, and D. Qi) "Anomalous waves triggered by abrupt depth changes: laboratory experiments and truncated KdV statistical mechanics" submitted, JNLS, December 2019 (PDF)
  2. (with D. Qi) "Flux-balanced two-field plasma edge turbulence in a channel geometry", submitted, Physics of Plasmas, November 2019 (PDF)
  3. (with N. Chen) "Efficient nonlinear optimal smoothing and sampling algorithms for complex turbulent nonlinear dynamical systems with partial observations", submitted, JCP, October 2019 (PDF)
  4. (with M.A. Mohamad) "Eulerian and Lagrangian statistics in an exactly solvable turbulent shear model with a random background mean", submitted, July 2019 (PDF)
  5. (with N. Chen) "Predicting observed and hidden extreme events in complex nonlinear dynamical systems with partial observations and short training time series", submitted, July 2019 (PDF)
  6. (with B. Khouider, C. T. Sabeerali, R. S. Ajayamohan, V. Praveen, D. S. Pai, and M. Rajeevan) "A novel method for interpolating station rainfall data using a stochastic lattice model", submitted, Monthly Weather Review, January 2019 (PDF)
  7. (with Y. Lee) "Multiscale data assimilation and prediction using clustered particle filters", submitted, Journal of Computational Physics, April 2017 (PDF)
  8. (with W. Tung, D. Giannakis) "Symmetric and antisymmetric signals in MJO deep convection. Part II: Kinematics and thermodynamics" submitted,  J. Atmos. Sci., April 2013 (PDF)


  1. (with M. A. Mohamad) "Recovering the Eulerian energy spectrum from noisy Lagrangian tracers", accepted, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, November 2019 (PDF)
  2. (with X. T. Tong) "Simple nonlinear models with rigorous extreme events and heavy tails", accepted, Nonlinearity, November 2019 (PDF)
  3. (with Q. Yang, and N. D. Brenowitz) "Effects of rotation on the multi-scale organization of convection in a global 2-D cloud-resolving model", accepted, JAS, November 2019 (PDF)
  4. (with M. Branicki, and K. J.H. Law) "Accuracy of some approximate gaussian filters for the Navier-Stokes equation in the presence of model error", accepted, MMS, September 2018 (PDF)

PUBLICATIONS: (Only since 1996)


  1. (with D. Qi) "Using machine learning to predict extreme events in complex systems" PNAS, Vol. 117, No. 1, pp. 52-59, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1917285117, January 2020 (PDF)(suppl)


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